A Students Perspective On COVID-19 Football Policy


Nick Jones, Sports Editor

   As the world begins to heal from a worldwide pandemic, many businesses are beginning to reopen, and events are beginning to resurface.

   This includes Newsome High School as well. While students begin to roam the halls for a less than normal year, many activities around school have begun to start back up, one being Newsome football.

   For the safety of students, staff, and parents, Newsome is not allowing normal spectators to attend the games this year. 

   Instead, you must be invited to attend. New policies this year include all the social distancing rules and limited attendees. 

   Per rules, each player, coach, cheerleader, and band member can select four people to attend the game. The group of four must always remain together and follow CDC guidelines social distancing in the stands. Masks will be required, and no outsiders will be allowed to attend the game.

   Many students believe the rule change is a good thing to keep the cases low. 

   When asked if the policy would work out,  Joey Crook (12) says that “if the rules are enforced and followed, the policy will work” he stated that “social distancing and masks should strongly be enforced”.

   Player morale can also be affected by the lack of supporters during the games. a player may feel more unmotivated to compete, Team morale may all around be affected by the attitude of one player.

   Jonathan Hall (12) does believe player morale will be affected by the limited number of fans. 

   When asked his opinion he stated, “yeah a little bit because the crowd usually boosts their confidence. But it can also be positive because it gives them more time to focus on the game.”

   Players should not have to worry about fans not being able to see the games in person. Students can access a live feed of the game from home, and students should not have to worry about the inability to support the Newsome wolves football team this year.

   With hopes students and parents can abide by the rules this year and cause no problems or setbacks for the season meaning the season should run smoothly.

    Newsome football should still be a fun watch for everyone. Even if we are viewing from a safe distance.