Students in quarantine


Sophia Dench, Reporter Emeritus

With the effect of the coronavirus, students are stuck at home to complete online work and talk to their friends only through technology. The first few schools to close began mid-March of 2020. Now, almost all 55 million students K-12 have been impacted by the virus as a result of their schools closing. Although a break from waking up early and the seven hour school day is nice, it can eventually take a toll on mental health.

   Students may begin to feel lonely and somewhat depressed as their only options are to sit inside or hang out in their backyard. Also, students have been cut off from their school resources such as counselors or faculty, which some students may have confided in. About 13.2 percent of students have received some sort of mental health services from school in the past year, which is about 3 million kids. In other words, of any individual from K-12 who has utilized any mental health resources, 57 percent of them have been from a school setting or environment. With this loss, adolescents are at a risk of negative impact to their mental health.

   Schools and mental health institutions are working to accomodate to still provide these resources to teens in need; whether it is virtually or six feet apart. The same goes for kids who used school as a food source. For students who do not have access to food at home, a lot of schools are still providing breakfast and some other resources to keep their students healthy to the best of their ability; all while following coronavirus guidelines and safety measures.

   Many people have taken up new outdoor entertainment such as walking, biking, or sports. Other hobbies such as painting or drawing have also become very popular among the youth. These new activities are a positive result of quarantine. People may find new interests and discover new talents they did not know they possessed before. 

   This time of struggle has also brought teens closer with their parents and their family. Before they may have not spent a lot of time together but during quarantine, that is definitely not the case.