Face Mask Fashion


Anjali Caliguiri, News Editor

 The coronavirus has placed limits on all aspects of people’s lives: freedoms, interactions and even purchases. However, the pandemic hasn’t seemed to diminish people’s creativity and imagination, still spurring a little excitement amidst so much panic and fear. As sports, concerts and mundane activities have halted during the quarantine, fashion has yet to die and now expresses itself through pandemic PPE: face masks. 

   What at first started out as a precautionary measure, has now taken flight amongst society with bountiful designs. Leopard print, toothy grins and polka dots are a few of the many designs people have created their protective masks with. Rather than the normal blue and white sanitary masks, these decorated masks add a bit of expression and enticement for people to wear. 

   Even more interesting is the swell of homemade masks being made for healthcare professionals. With the enormous demand for face masks all over the world, there is a short supply of these essential health barriers which raises concerns for the health and safety of doctors and nurses who come into direct contact with the virus. The kindness of many individuals donating thousands of masks have answered the urgent requests of nurses and doctors. People all over have been contributing to the face masks donations by reserving the specific N95 masks for those tending to the sick in hospitals, and instead using their own homemade masks for the public’s protection. Together, the world is working to limit the spread by spreading kindness. 

   Face masks have proven to be an essential form of personal protective equipment (PPE) and are increasing in demand. The public has risen to the challenge and created uniquely decorated masks to not only limit the spread of coronavirus but to ignite creativity back into society. Donating to healthcare professionals is a valiant deed and will be rewarded in the safety of doctors and nurses amidst this pandemic. Quarantine can feel lonely and isolated; but contributing to the end of this virus has brought the world together, one mask at a time.