Earth Day goes Digital

Earth Day goes Digital

Sydney Strickland, News Editor Emeritus

Amid growing stress of closures and quarantines, the usual Earth Day excitement has not been fully overlooked. Officials working with the annual Earth Day celebration encouraged people to join them in an online celebration.

  Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year since its inception in 1970 in the United States. Since then, it has grown into an international celebration of our planet, with 175 countries participating in supporting environmental protection.

  Earth Day reminds the world that we live in a fragile ecosystem that must be protected for the sustainability of life now and in the future.  

   Numerous landmark accomplishments have been initiated because of Earth Day. These accomplishments include the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that serves as a watchdog over the environment to reduce toxic waste and unnecessary destruction of the environment.

   Additionally, the Clean Air and Water Acts were created to reduce the pollution of our air and seas. They also serve in the fight to reduce carbon emissions and to promote recycling to help protect the world and reduce global warming and other environmental hazards.

   There were numerous events planned for this year’s 50th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration, including world-wide grassroots efforts to clean parks, beaches, trails and to plant trees and flowers.

   However, since people around the world and educational institutions are unable to come together to clean up the environment and create awareness of Earth Day initiatives, organizers decided to have an online celebration to allow everyone to participate in the world’s most significant environmental movement by visiting   

   The focus of this year’s Earth Day theme was climate action, which has been one of the most critical and ongoing challenges for environmental activists for several years.

   While Earth Day organizers stress that every day is Earth Day, they encouraged everyone to join them on April 22 for 24-hours of action as the world’s largest annual civic event goes digital.    

   There were digital events and a push for environmental effort from lawmakers to help protect humanity and the life-support systems that keep the planet safe and protect all of the fragile ecosystems.