Cruise Industry vs Covid-19



At least 100 people aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship will be tested for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 after a former passenger died from the disease this week. The ship is seen here in a photo from 2001.

Sophia Dench, Reporter Emeritus

One major industry that the coronavirus has greatly affected is the cruise industry, and it is understandable why. Thousands of people sharing a boat for a few days is like heaven for the virus; it can spread very easily at a very rapid rate. 

   The CDC reported 10 outbreaks in 2019 alone; they are working with port authorities, Coast Guard, and Customs and border protection to get passengers with no symptoms home safely. The cruise companies are required to get those people home by chartered or public transportation. 

   This has caused cruises to be cancelled and has taken a major hit to companies like Carnival, whose stock has dropped 60%, or Royal Carribean, who has lost more than 70% of their value. Many families have also experienced cancelled vacations. Cruise companies are working to get their passengers money back for cancelled trips, which is also sending them further down the economical sector.

   Norwegian is not only a cruise ship company but they also provide airline travel. There has also been a huge plummet to the airline travel economy as well; which means turmoil for Norwegian. 

   It has led to extended isolation for some ships like the Princess Diamond which was put in isolation off the coast of Japan in February as some of their passengers tested positive where 7 would later die. Many passengers kept in this isolation struggled mentally as they had to remain in their small room with no outside access.

   A plummet in the shares of this industry can also affect other businesses. Some of the destinations that cruises travel to rely on tourism as the main industry for their revenue. Without this, their island and all the small businesses that prosper from visitors will lose a significant amount of money, and the people living there have a good chance of falling into poverty.

   Thousands of crew members are stranded on infested ships as well. The most confirmed cases are on the Carnival Diamond Princess with a total of 712 cases with the second most also being Carnival owned with 612 cases. These companies are working hard to make it possible to get their customers home safe and keep their crew healthy.