Hurricane Dorian

Rocco Santini, Reporter

Hurricane Dorian started as a measly tropical storm In the Atlantic Ocean. Little did meteorologists know that the storm would turn into a hurricane tied for the second most dangerous hurricane of all time. With wind speeds at almost 200mph, many experts do not know the path of this storm, which is making it dangerous to the southeast.

As of Sept. 1, Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a category five hurricane. President Trump has been keeping the country updated on the status of the hurricane with Instagram posts every time a change in the direction of the storm took place. President Trump stated, “It seems to be one of the biggest hurricanes we’ve ever seen. And that’s the problem.”

In the meeting, the president also spoke about how meteorologists believed Florida would get the worst of the storm. As of Sunday, it seemed as if Georgia and South Carolina would get hit by the storm. The catastrophic storm could change in any direction at any minute.

The island of “Great Abaco” is taking on the storm front and center. The citizens of West Palm Beach could be facing four to seven feet of storm surges when the hurricane makes landfall on Monday night through early Wednesday.

Tropical storm forced winds will begin Monday in south Florida. The Bahamas are facing 220mph wind gusts and 18 to 23 feet above normal tide levels as the storm hits. “These hazards will cause extreme destruction in the affected areas and will continue for several hours,” the Hurricane Center tweeted. Typically, with hurricanes in the Atlantic, certain factors will disrupt or slow down a hurricane of this size, but somehow Dorian has bypassed these factors and is becoming more deadly.

With Dorian being the 2nd strongest storm under hurricane Allen of 1980. There is still a chance Dorian can change track and go across Florida. Some models are showing that as of Sunday, but a lot of the models are showing the storm going up the coast and heading for Georgia. Floridians, Georgians, and Carolinians must be prepared for this devastating storm.