An Analysis on the Necessity of College

Miles Swan, Co Online Editor-in-Chief

College. A time in one’s life where parties run wild, and studying lasts all night, but for a hefty price. While many state that college is overpriced, or community college is worthless, it seems that the effects of both can be worth it and beneficial when it comes to the amelioration of one’s future.

No doubt, college is highly valued in today’s society. If one applies for a job with no college degree, their application can go right in the trash. A study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers stated that the average pay for a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree is $40,000, whereas the average pay for one who does not have a college degree and is straight out of high school looking for employment is $23,900 a year, which is not too far from $20,160, which is the maximum amount of money made yearly to qualify for food stamps according to the united states federal government.

Furthermore, many might see that more job opportunities are available because of the effect of having a highly educated population. With a college degree, many people can get quality jobs, such as being a doctor, engineer, and physicians, who according to a survey who on average make, $176,000, $130,000, and $107,000 a year respectively.

This alone should be enough reasons for one to go to college, and get an education to get a quality job, where one can be in the top ten percent of Americans according to Many might ask what they would do with the money that they earn. There are many answers to answer this question. One resolution would be to save it up for retirement, another would be to invest in stocks to grow what you already have, or it could even be spent, because everyone enjoys spending money and buying items.

With all the crazy stories from university that go around, one might see a college as a once in a lifetime opportunity, with block parties, and underage drinking. But even with fun parties that last from dusk to dawn, studying and education is still a major part of the university experience. Many critics see the education value of American universities is not worth the price of thousands of dollars, whereas almost all universities in Europe are free or cost less than $10,000 U.S dollars, where education is even better than in the united states.

In other words, college may be expensive, but with a little hard work and loopholes, one can afford to go to college, thus, getting all the benefits. So, briefly, college may be one of the most fun times a person can have growing up, but there is more to drinking underage and partying. One also must have to see that studying hard in a university will get you much farther in life with a better job, higher salary, and happier life.