How to Succeed

Sydney Strickland, News Reporter

It is essential for any student to look at school like it is a game. It is vital to know the rules of the game, the players of the game and to organize oneself and have a game plan to be successful throughout the game.
The rules of the game are: what do you need to do to graduate and what specific classes are needed to graduate? How is GPA calculated? What attitude and mindset should be exhibited?

At Newsome, students are required to take seven classes every school year with a minimum number of classes in each subject area. Therefore, it is important to sign up for classes that cover the credits required.
It is also necessary to know how GPA is calculated, as well as the minimum required is GPA to graduate. Newsome has a 4.0 scale for GPA, with a 2.0 needed to graduate, but Newsome offers extra points for honors, Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment classes, which contributes to a weighted GPA.

When referencing “knowing the players” it means teachers, administrators, and counselors at any school because they all can be great resources to help you. Get to know teachers both from personal interactions as well as advice and insights from other students. Knowing teachers may even help you with future scheduling if specific teachers teach in a way that fits a certain learning method. It is also helpful to get to know some of the school administrators and counselors. They can help with future scheduling and college admissions questions.

It is also important to organize yourself for your classes. This doesn’t just mean just dividing papers into different folders. Creating a report at the beginning of each school year to understand your classes will help any student get organized. This report should include items needed for the class, grade expectations, how grades will be calculated, what opportunities for extra credit will be given and what challenges you may have as well as how you can overcome those challenges.

It’s also very important to understand that you can always improve your performance in class. Being prepared for your classes is the first step. By being truly ready for class, you will also make it easier to take detailed notes and remember more content for tests.

Noting key ideas can be critical when preparing for any tests or quizzes you will be taking. You can utilize Cornell Notes or graphic organizers to help understand and organize content. Graphics, flashcards, mnemonics and practice questions are a few of the best ways to prepare for tests.