Remember the AirPods memes?

Emily Khor, features and entertainment reporter

In the past couple of years, the beginning of the year is full of internet jokes that set the basis for the rest of the year.

2017 started off the year with ‘salt bae’ a chef/waiter who wore a white shirt and black sunglasses and had a mustache that could be easily distinguished. He sprinkled salt of cooked meat in a hilarious way that made the short video go viral on apps such as Twitter and Instagram. A year from then, in 2018, social media turned their attention to Tide Pods-small sacs of detergent that users can throw into their washing machines as well as eating them. This churned out dozens and dozens of videos of teens and young adults consuming the toxic liquid on the platform known as YouTube. It resulted to stores keeping items like this locked away, and was an irresponsible ‘trend’ that died down with the month it originated in.

2019 started with many multiple things to look forward to throughout the year with releases of movies, tv shows, and products. The previous Christmas gifted many with new technology that had just come out, this included new models of iPhones, or more specifically, AirPods, that costs $159. These new accessories came with the latest version of the phone and were advertised as Bluetooth earplugs without the wires. They are kept in a little white case that charges them once placed inside. Although they first came out December 2016, it wasn’t until the past holiday season where the item grew in popularity and media coverage. When they came out, people argued that the idea of it was stupid and irrational, but due to social media, it has turned into something of a January meme.

People share tweets, pictures, or experiences that pictures the owners of AirPods as wealthy and extra or those who haven’t purchased them as broke. It has become something like a joke debate, or disagreement between owners and non-owners, like iPhones v. Androids, pineapple on pizza, and whether cereal or milk comes first (the correct answer is the former and only that).

The trend that is currently all over timelines and social media are sure to calm down over time, but it is entertaining and inclusive when a large community can come together and be happy about certain things, no matter how small the issue is.