Yellow Vest Riots

Kylie Moon, News Reporter

The ‘yellow vest’ riots currently going on in France have left hundreds of people injured and even more arrested.

The riots began over a fuel tax set to be imposed by the French government. The goal of the tax was to encourage more environmentally friendly transportation options.

The tax was set to be put into place during January of 2019.

This change, however, did not sit well with the French working class. Petitions against the tax began circulating, gaining hundreds of thousands of signatures.

Many displayed yellow vests, showing their disapproval of the tax. Soon enough these yellow vests became a symbol of the protests.

Angry protestors have gone to great lengths to show their anger. Looting shops, torching vehicles and defacing the city are just a few common occurrences.

Eventually, the government decided to suspend the tax, but the riots were not stopped. The protestors now found other issues that they wanted fixed, and continue to cause uproar in France.

The protests began as a part of a grassroots’ citizens movement. Soon they spread across the nation and many normal citizens have opted to join the movement to spread their opinion of the government.

The protests have gone on for more than four weeks, and many are wondering when, and if, they will end.

Over 130 people are wounded and almost 1,000 have been taken into custody. Tens of thousands of police officers have been deployed.

All tourist attractions had to be closed due to the riots, including the Eiffel Tower. The riots continue to jeopardize the safety of the city.

French president Macron has come under fire due to the current events, and is the enemy in the eyes of the yellow vest protestors.

Macron is planning on holding a crisis meeting.

The riots over the past weekend were particularly intense, with over 10,000 people showing up in the capitol city alone.

As for the repairs that will need to be done once the riots do finally come to an end, it is suspected that it could possibly cost millions of dollars to get rid of just the graffiti.