All about Thanksgiving

Emily Khor, Features and Entertainment Reporter

Another year, another Thanksgiving; a day made to remind people to be grateful and acknowledge the things in life. This holiday was hosted by the Pilgrims back in 1621 to celebrate the first harvest after arriving to Plymouth. President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving famous when he made it a federal holiday in 1863. Thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the date changed to the fourth Thursday in November.

Tradition is for certain kinds of food served: turkey, stuffing, fried foods, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and much more.  Many people also donate canned and non-perishable packaged foods to organizations that distribute them to hungry people. Giving Tuesday, five days after the big feast day, is a day for donating to charity.

Americans thoroughly enjoy watching football. It’s a tradition established early on, due to many professional games occurring a within a week of Thanksgiving. Another form of entertainment during this time are the famous parades such as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York and Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Also being called Turkey Day, it is ironic that the president pardons one annually. This idea was introduced by the National Turkey Federation since 1947. Ronald Reagan granted a turkey a presidential pardon for the first time and his successor, George H. W. Bush, who made the turkey pardon a tradition.

Travel is obviously very busy due to people wanting to be with family and friends. Schools also give students the week off, causing more people gathering.

Thanksgiving, and it being considered a celebration, has been becoming more and more controversial. The story and history behind it, giving the day its original meaning and what it symbolizes overs is why it makes it so hard for people to come to an agreement. People have different opinions about it, saying that it should be a day for mourning and remembering or that it should be taken off the list for holidays the USA declares is one. Nevertheless, the time of holiday spirit and cheer is happening and as 2018 is passing, the end of the year approaches filled with days of giving and loving and spending the last few months of a year together to enter a new one.