Christmas in October?

Mia Cafaro, Sport's Editor

As September segues into October, students celebrate having survived the first months of the school year. Classes are being conquered, routines are being settled, and sleep deprivation has not yet completely set in. However, there is something else that the start of October brings: the holiday season.

  Though there are no major holidays in October, now is the time when people begin to prepare for them. Here are several tips and tricks on how to survive the upcoming holiday season.

   The first tip is to plan ahead. Time with family and friends is no fun if you are locked in your room, working out algebra problems or finishing up an essay for english. Before Thanksgiving and Christmas break, get as much work done as possible, so you can avoid the stress that often accompanies procrastination.

  Additionally, look into exciting adventures to have. Due to the school year schedule, students are not given many days off during the first semester. This means that breaks are the best time to take a trip, go to a concert, or try every pizza place in town. Use these days off to your advantage, and do everything you wish you could be doing right now.

   October is also a great time to stock up on decorations. Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations may be hard to come by right now, but those you find will be much cheaper now than in November. Also, if you want to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood, decorate for Christmas now. It will give people the impression that you are totally on top of things.

  Also, start your Christmas list now. Make sure to note things that you want for school or extracurricular activities as you go, or you may forget to mention them when the time comes. After all, Santa is magical and definitely real, but he’s not a mind reader.

  As the holiday season approaches, remember to relax and have fun. Look forward to it as a break from the stresses of school, and a chance to catch up on the rest of life. You better get started! The clock is ticking.