How to spice up your homecoming

Mia Cafaro, News Editor

  It’s that time of year again- the leaves are changing, a touch of chill is in the air, and everyone is scrambling to finalize their homecoming plans. Given that the big event is next Saturday night, this week is the last chance students have to prepare.

  There are several key aspects to a great homecoming. The first is the glamorous clothes, the second is the fancy transportation and the third is a Gatsby-style after party.

  Imagine you roll up to homecoming in a sleek limo, step out in slow motion and are immediately bombarded by the bright flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras. You strut down the red carpet that your chauffeur has rolled out, and duck inside the doors of Raymond James with the help of your bodyguard.

  As nice as this is to think about, it’s not going to happen. The reality for most students is that their parents will drive them to the dance, and they will walk in while trying not to get rained on or to trip over four-inch heels.   However, there are a few things you can do to spice up the evening.

  First of all, wear fabulous clothes, and use homecoming as an excuse to try a new look. There are many local hair stylists and make-up artists that can assist with all of your beauty needs.  

  Second, although your limousine may not be swamped by paparazzi, that does not mean you can’t ride in style. There are several companies in the Tampa area that rent out party buses and limousines to students for homecoming. However, if these are your plans, be sure to reserve your ride soon, because these spots fill up fast.

  The last step to a great homecoming night is the after party. For those of you who have not read the iconic American novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main character Jay Gatsby throws amazing parties at his mansion. Though it is more likely that you and your friends will go home and immediately fall asleep because you are still trying to catch up on the all-nighter you pulled for AP Biology last Tuesday, you should still try to get a midnight snack at the sketchiest Waffle House you can find and have a memorable night.