Newsome’s New Classes

Matt Rainey, Sports Editor

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Friday Aug. 10, 2018 marked the first day of school for Newsome high school, it was also the first day students were welcomed into brand new classes Newsome now has to offer, and some that were started just the year before.

Newsome has offered in the past many great electives, such as Holocaust, Law Studies, Journalism, Band, and many others. In recent years, Newsome wanted to give their students more electives to choose from. Which is why the school now offers African American History taught by Mrs. Walker, and The History of Rock & Roll taught by Mr. Rawlins. These classes offer great insight into topics many students find interesting.

African American History was brought to Newsome this school year, and is taught by the very experienced teacher, Mrs. Walker. This course is meant to give the students a better understanding of African American culture and the history behind it.

Many students are excited about this course, such as Jack Parvin, who is Junior this year. “I hope to learn a lot about cultures different from my own.” Said Parvin.

He also believes he will learn a lot in the class because Mrs. Walker is teaching it, as Parvin said, “I think I will learn a lot in this class because she is open minded and knows a lot about history.”

This class will give good exposure to kids, along with another class that is also new to Newsome, The History of Rock & Roll.

This class debuted last year, and is taught by Mr. Rawlins, who is an amazing teacher as many students say. His class is meant to show the many roots that lead to Rock & Roll and reasons behind these roots.

Students are looking forward to the class for many reasons, “I am so excited to be in this class, I heard so many great things from kids last year that took It.” Said Brent Bean, Junior at Newsome.

Students think Mr. Rawlins is a great person to teach this class due to his knowledge of music, as Sophomore Saylor Webster says, “Every day I learn so many things about music that I never knew.”

These classes are helping bring back the drive to learn students once had. If you are in need of an interesting and fun elective, these are the two for you.

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