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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes a twist on the series

Andrea Skvarova, Layout Editor

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Nintendo has finally come out with another app after the award-winning games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. Instead of these competitive games, a classic franchise that is much more peaceful and friendly has been introduced to the mobile scene: Animal Crossing.

Finally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been released on both Android and iOS for fans both new and old to delve right into.

The most noticeable detail as you get right in is that instead of being the mayor of your own town like the previous titles, you now manage your own camp for the many animal friends you’ll meet. You get your own campsite to decorate and a camper to travel around in to discover the many places you’ll need to visit or to go see a friend’s camp.

While some of the old features like fishing, bug hunting, gardening, decorating and harvesting fruit are still a part of the game, some new things to do have been added. You can now craft items for your campsite, make new friends from around the world to help, and crafting clothing can be seen in the near future.

Fan favorite characters like the lovable secretary Isabelle, Reese and Cyrus of Re-Tail, the shoe salesman Kicks, and the sisters Mabel, Sable and Labelle of The Able Sisters returned to the series. Players are also introduced to some new characters like Giovanni, Beppe, and Carlo who can be found working at OK Motors to design the perfect camper for you.

The game is a great introduction to new players who want to get a quick idea of what the Animal Crossing series is like for free. It is however missing some great features like the multiplayer interactions from New Leaf and the variety of objects and places to see like the museum ran by Blathers and Celeste, the coffee shop ran by Brewster, and even Katrina and her fortune shop.

Another thing that seems to throw things off is the addition of Leaf Tickets, a brand-new premium currency added to the game. One of the basic things of the Animal Crossing games is the calmness of the game; you wait for things to happen throughout the day and be patient. The Leaf Tickets throw that out the window with giving the ability to skip time for items to be crafted at a premium price. While it’s understandable that Nintendo has to make a profit from the game, this removes the patience that players should have with the game.

While these things can bother some classic fans, it shouldn’t bother people too much since the gameplay is still just about the same as the day it came out on GameCube: a relaxing game where you make friends with animals and create a place to your liking

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes a twist on the series