Talking as Fast as I Can review

Katie Hood, Layout Editor

Resident TV mom, Lauren Graham, turned her career in a new direction when she released a book of personal essays entitled Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls back in November.

Graham got the memoir style idea from one of her idols, the late Carrie Fisher, who had also made a career out of acting and writing, and even made a play out of her own life, while still being outspoken about mental illness.

In these essays, Graham discusses various time periods and incidents in her life. This includes the story of how Graham skipped kindergarten, and went into first grade due to her ability to read, and how she viewed that year as one she could cash in at any time for years.

However, as she found her way into her acting career, she came to the realization that no one really cared about her extra year, and it simply became something that she had.

She even did something she had never done before, and watched through the entirety of the original Gilmore Girls series to provide commentary and an insight into what was really going on behind the scenes during the making of the series.

Graham even reveals that she and her Gilmore Girls costar, Alexis Bledel, had never met or been chemistry tested when they filmed the pilot. Miraculously, despite that and a time slot that was competing with the, ever so popular, show FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls stayed on the air waves for seven seasons.

The book graciously covers topics such as Graham’s love life, including her relationship with a Parenthood costar, the pitfalls of success, and her acceptance of the mom roles on tv. All while showing to fans that Lauren Graham the actor, and Lorelai Gilmore the character, aren’t all that different. They both are just talking as fast as they can.