Mickey Mouse Candlelight

Carolina Fernandez, Reporter

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Monday was a day full of music and magic, for those in Newsome Chorus who had the chance to attend The ‘Candlelight Processional’. A spectacular performance provided by guest singers of all ages from various places, it tells the tale of Christmas with heavenly voices and a beautiful orchestra.

Around 120 Newsome students traveled to Orlando on a bus Monday afternoon. Every year, the Candlelight performance is done at world-wide known theme park, “Epcot”, a classic favorite. The 50-part live performance was done at the American Gardens Theatre.

Students say it was a busy couple of weeks learning the lyrics and practicing for the performance, for which they had to audition for on Friday at school to be able to attend.

Upon arrival, Newsome Candlelight Performers rehearsed, then proceeded to put on their robes to, minutes later, sing three processional songs.

Sophomore Mikayla Anderson, who is a part of Chamber and Elite, said, “As we were walking through the aisles we were holding candles, it was pretty cool because the audience could hear us but they couldn’t see us until we started coming out”. She also explains that her favorite part was the beginning, “Definitely when the lights first come on the stage and you see all the people out there watching you, and they all look so happy, it’s such a good feeling.”

Anderson explained that different sections of performers wore different colored “robes”, the guest choir wore yellow, and all together they were meant to look like candles, along with the cast from Disney who was dressed in green, meant to look like a Christmas tree. It’s all planned to look just like everything else at Disney world: perfect.

It was a special day for them, representing our school. “I liked that I got to perform at Disney in front of thousands of people and sing Christmas Carols,” said junior Mackenzie Newman.

An American Sign Language translator was also available, so those who have limited hearing were able to enjoy as well.

All in all, Disney proved to have yet another one-of- a-kind event for performers and guests of all ages.