Wolf Tracks

Cry Baby Cam

Kevin Mosley, Sports Reporter

February 15, 2016

gospelherald.com   Cam Newton is  mostly know as the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. After losing the Super Bowl 24-10 to the Broncos he went into his baby mode. During the game you could see him dr...

Cupid Rhymes With Stupid

Mari Faiello, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 12, 2016

It’s that time of the year where the stores are drowned in red and pink, chocolates cover every extra square foot of space in a store, flowers are in an abundance, stuffed teddy bears are expected to say the things we only wish...

The Truth About UF Decision Day

Drew Kozlin, Online Editor-in-Chief

February 8, 2016

  The countdown that for some has extended almost a year is finally coming to an end this week. It is with either great pleasure or sadness that hundreds of Newsome seniors will open up their University of Florida acceptan...

Competing at the Next Level Part 2

Mari Faiello, Editor in Chief

January 29, 2016

Another issue in addition to lack of funding for scholarships, is the lack of knowledge in the recruiting process. Some sports such as football are mainly high-school based while others such as volleyball are mainly club-based....

Competing at the Next Level

Mari Faiello, Editor-in-Chief, Print

November 20, 2015

We all remember the days when we were little ankle-biters playing a sport for the first time. We remember the first time we kicked a soccer ball, or threw a football, or made our first basket or kill, even our first run around...



April 8, 2015

Roger Goodell has been the most criticized member in the NFL in recent years and for very good reason. His inconsistency on rulings has turned a lot of people against him. He’s weakened the rulebook of the league and to top it all off he’s paid nearly 50 million dollars a year. It is time for the NFL to move on from Roger Goodell.

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