Wolf Tracks

Off-Campus Fights Increase

Madison McManigal, Tori Mount, Jessica Seamans, Reporters

April 7, 2015

This year, Newsome High School students have been recently holding off campus fights. The cause of these fights can give a bad reputation, which leaves the question: Why are students planning them? According to Child Trends...

A Night For the Ages

Josh Boles, News Editor

April 7, 2015

Nowadays prom is the event to go to, the one dance to attend, even for the odd social pariah (outcast). It is an event, it seems, that has always been a fixture of high school: ask anyone on the street and they will retell their...



April 7, 2015

On a cold February morning, three university students of Palestinian heritage were shot and killed in their own home. This crime was not committed in Israel or even in the middle east at all, it was committed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Peace for Another Time

Danny Ammann, News Editor

April 7, 2015

Far across the globe, conflicts rage in the hot, tense deserts and green valleys of Syria and in the chilly industrial heart of Ukraine. For both of these wars, the anniversary of their unfortunate initiation is nearing. The fact...

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