Wolf Tracks

Students Prepare for Future Success

Zoe Aleksa, Reporter

October 30, 2015

This past Thursday, several classes at Newsome High School followed a rather different dress code; a dress code that consisted of blazers, bow ties, and other business professional garments. The occasion for the rather sharp ensembles?...

Local Families in Need of Your Support

Taylor Mcneff, Social Media Reporter

October 28, 2015

Most Newsome High School students are raised with privilege... the newest video game or fad, the name brand products and the luxury of not knowing what it is like to truly struggle with the basic essentials of life. Masked behind...

Band Rises Up Once Again

Mari Faiello, Editor-In-Chief

October 8, 2015

The Newsome Band is one of the best bands in the county. They always rise up to the occasion no matter how difficult or unthinkable the outcome of success might be. This weekend was no different as the Wolves placed 1st in multiple...

Spirit Week Starts…Now!

Stephanie Strickland, Reporter

October 7, 2015

The pep rally last Friday gave students a chance to show their Newsome spirit, and they exceeded expectations. Even the Freshmen got amped up with the help of the SGA, who organized the whole event. The whole school was in...

Who’da Thought?

Josh Boles, News Editor

September 25, 2015

Four Newsome seniors, Cameron Hyatt, Elizabeth Kirby, Charles Sharp, and Grant Sieboldt, were recently nominated from a batch of over one million students as National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists. Usually when big tests come...

New Year, New Representatives

Kara O'Donnell, Reporter

September 25, 2015

The annual freshmen council election at Newsome introduced the new faces of its chosen officers President Tyler Mann, Vice President Katie Hackett, Treasurer Andrea Fabregas, Historian Zoe Rasmussen, and Secretary Leah Santivasci. Sitting...

Newsome Idol Contestants Impress the Crowd

Thalia Nieves, Reporter

September 25, 2015

Jenna Dahlin wowed the crowd at Newsome Idol,  taking home first place with Mikayla Anderson close  behind. The night was filled with tons of talent and emotion. The stage was filled with a vast amount of talent, every single...

Singing and Playing All the Way

Mari Faiello, Editor-in-Chief

September 17, 2015

Sometimes it’s not always about who scored the game winning point or how many people show up for the student section - in fact, sometimes it’s about the amount of work someone is willing to put into something to get where...

FBLA Prepares for a Successful Year

Stephanie Strickland, Reporter

September 17, 2015

The 2015-16 school year is in full swing and FBLA is gearing up for a successful year. New goals and aspirations have been put in place, so now is the time to act. Junior Julie Stafford, Reporter for FBLA, is very excited for...

Band Hype

Band Hype

September 10, 2015

Proposed School Calendar Shortens Summer Vacation

Courtney Hyatt, Reporter

September 10, 2015

    Hillsborough County’s School Board has been hard at work coming up with a completely new calendar for the 2016-2017 school year. The proposed schedule has school starting on August 10th, 2016. Lawmakers recently passed a rule allowing schools to open more than th...

A Change For Better or Worse No One Knows

Josh Boles, News Editor

April 7, 2015

The old SAT we all know and love so well is on its way out, to be replaced by a more comprehensive test that will hopefully leave students more prepared for college. This is the last year to take the traditional SAT. As of...

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