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Pointless Advice Never To Listen To ( College Edition)

JOSHUA RUMMAGE AND MARK HAMANN, Editor-in-chief and Co-Editor

April 8, 2015

One way to pick the best college for you is to take a look at a list of top party schools and pick the one at the top. These schools will always offer you the most fun and the worst possible grades, that’s what college is all about anyways. College isn’t a time for education, but a time to waste your parent’s money going to parties and buying six-packs of…..soda. (RIP Chris Farley)

Josh’s Declassified AP Edition

JOSHUA RUMMAGE, Editor-in-chief

April 8, 2015

Advanced Placement testing is right around the corner. The first test is going to be on May 4th. Obviously these tests are very important as they give you college credit hours depending on how well you do on them. Now studying for these tests can be difficult and boring. However if you follow these four simple and fun steps, you will not only have fun while studying but also make sure that you do well on your test.

A Guide to Corsages

Sarah Feldkirchner

April 8, 2015


Midsummer’s Night Dream worth the cost?

Mari Faiello

April 8, 2015

For the most part, every senior is stressed when it comes to Prom time. Will I have a date? Where will I get my dress? Where will I buy her corsage? Where will I get my hair and makeup done? Who is going to take the pictures?...

Just Another Night

Kaylalea Mendez, Photography Editor

April 7, 2015

This is it, the night that thousands of teens across America look forward to all 4 years of their high school career. The night most teenagers refer to as being “the most magical night of the year.” Anyone would be crazy not...

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