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Holiday hustle: Eight tips to be midterm ready

Ina Morrissey, Social Media Editor, Business Manager

November 28, 2016

Filed under Features

Before the hustle and bustle of winter break, comes the most dreaded time of the year for high school students nationwide: midterms. Though students want nothing more than to focus on their dreams of sleeping all day and celebra...

Freshman 15 is real

Carolina Fernandez, Reporter

October 27, 2016

Filed under Features, Opinion

It’s 11 p.m. and the typical college student is sitting at her desk in her dorm, writing her 500-word essay that is due the next day. Her dinner? A $3.99 combo from the fast food restaurants downstairs. This might seem extreme,...

90’s flashback: Chokers are back in style

Manuela Graf, Features Editor

October 24, 2016

Filed under Features, Opinion

A girl struts confidently down the street, wearing the most in-fashion jeans, trendy off-the- shoulder shirt, and strappy sandals. She is the icon of the current fashion trends all around the United States, and her outfit reflects...

Unusual to own

Jonathan Hurst, Reporter

September 25, 2016

Filed under Features

An exotic pet is defined as an animal kept within human households, generally thought of as a wild species not typically kept as a pet. While many may consider it inhumane to keep these types of animals as pets, with the right...

Hot Tampa coffee (shops)

Ina Morrissey, Reporter

September 25, 2016

Filed under Features, Opinion

Tampa, Florida has always been the place for all coffee enthusiasts, ranging from the early morning cup of joe drinkers, to those who prefer a sweeter taste in the delectable specialty coffee drinks most shops offer. More recen...

Jeans Revolution

Jeans Revolution

September 14, 2016

A closer look at “Beauty”

Amelia Wilson, Editor in Chief, Online

May 17, 2016

Filed under Features

"If we could've done another week of performances, I totally would've. Im so thankful for this experience; it was so unique and thrilling." Newsome's recent production of Beauty and the Beast showcased not only the incredible talent...

Tale As Old As Time

Mari Faiello, Editor in Chief, Print

May 14, 2016

Filed under Entertainment, Features

Not many high school productions can live up to the high expectations set by their audience. The original Beauty and the Beast, released in 1991, has become a beloved movie by multiple generations and continues to touch the hearts of ...

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