2023 Movie Reviews: What to watch and expect

Matthew Yates, Reporter

 2023 has had many movie releases, but many people don’t know if they’re worth watching.This is a guide to the movies, to tell what is worth watching and which movies to stay away from.

   John Wick Four is the latest in the John Wick series, starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character. This film follows assassin John Wick as he fights back against the High Table all over the world, to places like New York and Paris. The first three were amazing films and great as standalone movies to watch and this one is no exception. John Wick Four is an amazing experience and was a blast to watch. Although it is an amazing film, it is recommended that people watch the first three before watching this one due to various events that occur in it. Overall, it is fantastic and an easy 5/5 stars.

   Next up is Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. This movie is energetic and full of life, making it a fun experience for people who enjoy classic fantasy stories. Taking place in a magical realm, a former thief and his unlikely allies seek an ancient artifact, but their mission changes when they cross the wrong people. Much of the humor in the movie is inspired directly from the game, so people who have never played Dungeons and Dragons may not understand all the jokes. However, that doesn’t mean it is bad, as many of the jokes can be understood by everyone. With its witty humor and heartfelt story, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a solid 3.5 stars.

   Finally, we have The Super Mario Brothers Movie. Unlike the disaster that was the 1993 movie, this one is a fantastic tribute to a video game legend. Mario and his brother Luigi embark on an adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil turtle Bowser. Many people were skeptical as to whether or not this movie would be good, but Nintendo and Illumination pulled through, creating an amazing animated movie. Chris Pratt as Mario threw people off when it was announced, but he did an alright job portraying the Italian plumber. Not only that, but this movie features many easter eggs and secrets to old Mario games and media, even featuring the famous Super Mario Bros. Super Show theme song. Overall, this is an amazing movie, even if the pacing was a bit quick, and is easily 4/5 stars.

   Those were the most anticipated movies that have been released so far, however much more is to be expected. Recently, Disney announced a new Star Wars movie. Although it does not have a title yet, many people are not pleased with this news, claiming that there is no need for a new movie and that the saga is already over. To many, this is Disney trying to milk a franchise that is already on life support, but some are optimistic, believing that this is Disney’s chance to prove that they can make a good Star Wars movie.

   Another announced film is Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle is a comic book character by DC with the official trailer playing before the Mario movie. People are excited to see this character get a movie, as he has had barely any representation in anything, outside of the fighting game Injustice 2 by Netherrealm Studios. Still, some are skeptical, but fans’ counterpoint is that this may be like DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and that this might save DC’s film studio.

   Whether people are excited or not for the new movies or have seen the released ones, all of these have been highlights of 2023 so far and there is still so much more to expect.