New additions to “The Inheritance Games” series

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

 In 2020, Jennifer Lynn Barnes released a novel called “The Inheritance Games.” It is about a girl who receives an inheritance from a billionaire that died in Texas. The thing is, she didn’t know the billionaire and he gave his entire fortune to a stranger, rather than his own family. Readers were intrigued by the plot and quickly became drawn into the story. 

   There was adventure and mystery and even a little romance wrapped in the beautiful green cover of the book. Of course, it was left on a cliffhanger and immediately fans were asking for the next, which was released a year later in 2021. 

   “The Hawthorne Legacy” continued right where “The Inheritance Games” left off and a new puzzle was given to the characters to put together and solve. Many obstacles were thrown in the way, but as always, the characters were able to overcome them, and the second puzzle was completed. Barnes was not ready to finish this story yet because again, she left this book on a cliffhanger, and the third book came out in 2022.

   Finally, by the third book, Avery Kylie Grambs got the 42.6 billion dollar inheritance. After “The Final Gambit” was released, fans were happy with the trilogy, but there was an ache for more content of the brothers. Each brother brought something new to the story, and readers wanted more of them.

   Barnes came prepared for the fans requesting more of the Hawthorne boys. She announced a new book, one with Jameson and Grayson- the two fan-favorite Hawthorne brothers- as the main characters and now an excited energy is charged through fans. “The Brothers Hawthorne” will be released on Aug. 29, 2023.

   In “The Brothers Hawthorne,” the brothers will do whatever it takes to win- whether the prize is money or bragging rights, the boys love any kind of competition. Even if it means sacrificing their lives, they are always up for a challenge if it involves a winner. Grayson finds himself running to the rescue when his half-sisters need his help, and Jameson gets into some risky deals with his absent father. Throughout the story, the boys will navigate their way through their adventures with the help of their other brothers and the girl they both fell in love with. 

   Readers across the world are excited to see what Barnes comes up with in this new addition to the series, and they will also get a FIFTH book in 2024. Not much has been said about the storyline, but anticipation awaits as “The Grandest Game” gets closer and closer to its release date next year, and as “The Brothers Hawthorne ” releases in a few short months.