DeSantis blocks new AP African American Studies course from Floridian classrooms

Margaret Metz, Online Editor-In-Chief

   The College Board’s new AP African American Studies course has been blocked from being taught at Floridian schools. Governor Ron DeSantis sees the course as against the Floridian law known as the Stop W.O.K.E Act; DeSantis says the course “significantly lacks educational value.”

   The purpose of the aforementioned act was to block any education that had the opportunity to make students feel a sense of guilt for past historical injustices they are not directly responsible for. The thought is that the new AP course curriculum will go against the policies of the Stop W.O.K.E act and hence not be allowed in Floridian classrooms.

   Newsome will be offering the second new AP course introduced in 2023-2024: AP Precalculus. However, as of now, Newsome students will not have access to the learning available with AP African American Studies.