Time Capsule: Newsome’s marching band show eleven years ago compared to the one today

Margaret Metz, Online Editor-In-Chief

   Eleven years ago, in September 2011, Junior Staff member of the Wolftracks newspaper Peter Williams reported the Newsome High School Wolfpack marching band’s program that featured the infamous World World II sailor kissing a nurse.

   “Newsome’s marching band is warming up to practice this year’s performance: a tribute to those who fight for our freedom and those they leave behind” Williams reported in the 10th volume of Wolftracks. William’s described the show as “the most intricate the band has ever put on”.

   At the time, the band was under the directorship of Mr. Finch and Mr.Allen (he still teaches at Newsome today). Between 2011 and 2022, the Newsome band has gone through four changes of directorship: Finch to Miller, Miller to Reed, Reed to Sayers, and Sayers to Cutting. It is abnormal for a high school band to experience this frequent cycling of staff as the typical high school band director lasts several generations of students.

   The Newsome High School band has only grown since 2011. Throughout the years, the music and choreography have only improved in showmanship. The Newsome band went to state finals in the years 2015 and 2021 and has consistently ranked all “superiors” at local competition MPA.

   The 2022 Marching Show is called Chakras, an appreciation of the beauty of Hinduist culture. The color guard wears colorful, sparkly costumes and spins bright flags with the Hinduism symbol, the ohm, on the silk. They have brightly decorated tarps that resemble the petals of a flower on the field that they move around as the show progresses.

   Most importantly, the band is better than ever. One could argue against Junior Staff Williams that now Newsome has the “most intricate” show to date. The color guard and band have taken performance to the next level of difficulty with their new staff. They are hoping to make finals this year, if not place in them.