Pinterest and Shuffles

Margaret Metz, Online Editor-In-Chief

 The idea of formulating and collecting interests into one space has been around for generations. From magazine collages in the 1970s to creating MySpace pages in the early 2000s, collecting and sharing personal aesthetics and interests has been a trend. Currently, the younger generation utilizes Pinterest and its new spin-off app, Shuffles, for their organizational and recreational needs.

   Pinterest has been an app since early 2010 with about 10,000 users. From that point, it built a notable status into the 2014s and 2015s. Currently in 2022, it has 175,000 monthly users. People everywhere were creating boards, pinning, inspiring, and sharing content from their hobbies, fandoms, and jobs.

   Now, Pinterest is an app that everyone seems to have, but no one seems to talk about. Pinterest is a private social media app centralized around the interests of users. It does not allow for much social networking, hence it is not something typically discussed. However, everyone seems to have a love for their Pinterest boards. Going to someone’s Pinterest account is comparable to walking in their shoes and experiencing what they find most enjoyable about life.

   Out of 100 Newsome students asked, 69 use Pinterest while 31 do not. The statistic renders shocking as most millennials own and utilize the app frequently; Generation Z focuses its time on other socials such as Instagram or Snapchat.

   Expanding their influence, Pinterest began an app called Shuffles where users utilize the images pinned on their Pinterest boards and make collages with them. Currently, it is in the stages of a soft launch. Users have to invite others with invite codes to join the app. Another popular social media app, Tiktok, is promoting Shuffles; tiktokers are posting their personal Shuffles creations with music in the background.

   Attempt to find a join code online and join the Shuffles trend early. Become a trendsetter.