Newsome volleyball serving it up

Newsome Lady Wolves are setting it up for Districts

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

The Lady Wolves are back at it again and are on a roll to win districts. Even with some new players on the court, Newsome’s volleyball team is confident in its ability to take it all home.

   In the past two years, the Lady Wolves have won the district championship and are working hard for a three-peat. Most of the team is composed of seniors and they are ready for a district win to close out their high school volleyball careers.

   Alicia Marquez, a senior and defensive specialist on the team says, “there are eight seniors on the team this year and we want to win districts because the seniors from the last two years have won for their last year.” With victory as their focus, the ladies are sure to set up a successful season.  

   With half the team being seniors, the Lady Wolves are experienced, serious, and confident about how far they will go this season. The team is full of strong players and all of the new players are experienced in the game, which also improves the team’s strength on the court; add in the heart felt passion for success and the Lady Wolves will be a force to follow.

   With the district lines rezoned this year, Newsome will be playing some new competition.  When Marquez was asked how she felt about the changes, she said, “we have the stats and history of winning to beat the teams we’ve played and the new ones.” 

    To see the team work together on the court to bring home a win is a surreal experience. Watch out Hillsborough County, here come the Lady Wolves bumping, setting and spiking their way to District Champions.