Top five weirdest ice cream flavors

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

When it comes to ice cream flavors, most people think of the basics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Some may even go for mint, cookie dough, or coffee to treat their taste buds. Mixing food and ice cream does not seem like the normal thing to do, but many small businesses have gone to another level by making their favorite foods into ice cream flavors. Here are five of the weirdest ice cream flavors people have made.

  1. Lobster

Lobster lovers should be excited to hear about the lobster-flavored ice cream found in Bar Harbor, Me. In 1988, William Coggins of Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium was the first to make lobster ice cream. The ice cream base is vanilla so it does not have a strong lobster taste until a bite of the lobster bit is taken. People compare this interesting treat to cookie dough, with the vanilla base and chunks of lobster.

  1. Mac and cheese

One of America’s favorite dishes is mac and cheese. Is having mac and cheese flavored ice cream a good idea though? The ice cream brand Van Leeuwen made a kid’s dream come true with this flavor. It is made with the actual cheese in Kraft mac and cheese and gives a “buttery flavor” reviewers say.

  1. Pickle 

There is a line dividing people on Earth: the pickle lovers and the pickle haters. Pickle ice cream is becoming popular in some places and is on the weird side of ice cream flavors. In Manhattan, there is a shop that sells this odd ice cream flavor, and the maker Jacob Hadjigeorgis is a pickle lover. The ice cream flavor is described as a cucumber with a small tang- like a pickle. Maybe things will change in the pickle world. The pickle haters could love the ice cream and everyone can love the sour snack.

  1. Sriracha

Eating spicy foods takes skill and time for some and it is the easiest thing ever for others. Having a blend of a frozen dessert and a spicy sauce, what could go wrong? This flavor has a vanilla taste that leaves heat in the consumer’s mouth. This is the perfect treat for people who love spice.

  1. Cicada

Many people have heard of cicada lollipops and fried cicadas, but an uncommon cicada treat is ice cream. Sparky’s Homemade Ice cream in Columbia, Mo took their cicada invasion and turned it into a tasty profit. They boil the cicadas and cover them in brown sugar and chocolate. This is another ice cream-like cookie dough, but instead of cookie dough, there is an ingredient from the other side of the road.

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