The feminine take on entrepreneurship by Kim Kardashian

Margaret Metz, Online Editor-In-Chief

From the 1980s onward, the social climate of the United States has adapted to the influence of women entrepreneurs. A spike in feminism and embracement of feminine culture leads to many women being key role models of successful business owners in current society. One of the most influential women entrepreneurs is Kim Kardashian; she is notorious for the social media empire she built upon the foundations of fashion, beauty, and makeup.

Every Instagram post, tweet on Twitter, and story on Snapchat are meticulously designed to benefit and broaden the audience of Kim Kardashian. She appeals to mothers by posting relatable content with her children. She appeals to fashion admirers by appearing in several high-end brands’ clothing regularly. She appeals to a womanly majority that wants power in their sense of femininity. Kardashian teaches society that the feminine image should not be disregarded negatively, but rather embraced in a positive light.

Many misogynistic individuals claim Kardashian’s money was made through her sense of vanity and not based on true talent or skill. However, throughout the years, her small branches of companies have made her millions. She develops companies that work in favor of her image, honing in on the influence of social media in business. On a timeline, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, SKIMS, and the new SKKN have all built Kardashian’s legacy as a woman who understands her business.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, an app made in 2014, focuses around creating a celebrity avatar through developing their fashion sense and social media presence in a virtual world. The goal is to increase a player’s reputation and become famous. The game made Kardashian millions; it led to her easily recognizable name. Within its first five days of being a running app, it made $1.6 million. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood became the foundation for a highly successful range of businesses.

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian is a clothing and shapewear line that has “Solutions For Every Body”. SKIMS uses Kardashian’s monotone aesthetic to form a clothing line targeted toward the womanly interest of being comfortable while stylish. Kardashian models people of all body sizes, ethnicities, and gender to enhance the inclusivity and range of her brand. It proves to be intelligent on Kardashian’s behalf to take her influence on fashion and sell that image. Kardashian’s followers will feel seen as if they have a sense of connection to the woman herself just by wearing her clothing line.