Halfway 2 Halloween: Tampa metal event

Trisha Bedford

    The Florida music scene is a big deal to its followers and events like this one make it all the more exciting. Halfway 2 Halloween is an event celebrating the half-way mark to halloween. This show is scheduled for Saturday May 7 at the Brass Mug in Tampa. This show is all ages and welcomes everyone interested in the Florida metal scene. 

   This event has taken place since 2007 when it was organized by Alec Cusack, the lead singer for the band The Cunningham Wake. Cusack has been organizing these events from the beginning, he has been in many bands throughout these years but keeps the tradition alive.He states his meaning behind this show to be “a way to get people that normally haven’t normally gone to local metal shows to come see what we do.” He also explains that it is exactly what it sounds like in the title, “A Halloween metal show in the spring!” Along with the community by itself, the show will also have a costume contest with cash prizes, multiple halloween themed raffles and the traditional H2H guitar raffle. 

      The Cunningham Wake will be performing, some say they have a metalcore sound to them, comparing them to bands such as Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and All That Remains. The band has been together since 2015 and have released one full album titled “Strength to Defy” which touches on the raw emotions and struggles of everyday life not always brought to attention.

    The band Screaming At The Silence will also be part of the show, they have played all around the state and even up part of the eastern side of America. Throughout their time since 2007 when the band was formed,  they have released two full length albums, one EP and two singles. Screaming At The Silence has been one of the co-stars for this event for many years now. Dressing every year in a new coordinated costume for the show the band explains “A lot of people get excited just to see what crazy thing we end up doing.”

   Along-side these bands are also Consume The Wolf, Get Out Of Nashville and Bear Within Us. All local metal. Within the idea of the community comes a sense of family. The soul and the effort put into every work of art the members of the bands create, every ounce of sweat and tears are shown when they are on stage pouring their hearts to their fans. Throughout the scene a community is built from common interest, beliefs and trust. As told by the band Screaming At The Silence, “Mosh pit rules apply everywhere. If someone falls, you help them back up.”

   For more information on this event and many others follow The Brass Mug Tampa Bay on Facebook.