The knowledge of a trainer:The athletic training process


Cynthia Studebaker, Photography Editor

Athletic trainers are known to many in the sport’s industry. They help with sports-related injuries and heat-related illnesses.

   Athletic trainers all have a specific job within sports. They are very important to those who exercise or participate in semi-professional sports, professional sports or even school sports. Athletic trainers are able to prevent heat illnesses and several other injuries from happening. They have a license to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses. 

   The injuries they typically assess are muscle injuries, tendon injuries and bone injuries. Athletic trainers help with rehabilitation to get an athlete back on their feet and back to participating in their sport.  Their job being as important as it is, they are required to pass multiple courses and have several degrees.   According to The Florida Board of Training Athletic trainers are required to have at least a bachelors to have their job. 

   Athletic trainers are required to have A professional Athletic training program degree that is authorized by Accreditation of Athletic training education. They have to be approved by the United States Department of Education to even work as a licensed athletic trainer.  To be approved by this department they have to fill out several pages of paperwork and online applications to even apply for a position.

   On top of these steps, the trainers have to have both a medical license and athletic license. If they try to forgo this step and practice without a license, they will get reprimanded.   They have to stay updated on medical information yearly and even monthly to maintain their position. 

Newsome high school has their own senior athletic trainer Priscilla Medina.  “The role I primarily play is to provide medical care to all Newsome athletes. I am here in the afternoons and stay through any practices or home games. Beyond medicale care, I strive to create a safe space in my athletic training facility where everyone feels cared for and valued,” said Medina.

   This job is designed to help everyone medically; they are also there to help with the mental challenges of the athlete.   “The three main goals for Athletic trainers when dealing with mental health illnesses in the athletic population include the following; gain awareness and recognize the signs and symptoms, incorporate mental health assessments in pre-participation exams, and create a team plan for referral and treatment,according to the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers 

   Athletic Trainers are very important in the sports world. They provide extremely important medical care to injured or sick players. They can also assist with mental struggles. Seeing that their job is of major importance, showing and giving appreciation to athletic trainers should be a priority. Thank you Mrs .Priscilla for all you do for the Newsome’s sports teams, players and students.