Ronnie Ron’s BBQ: On the corner of Lithia Pinecrest and Boyette, Ron sells classic, mouth-watering barbecue

Maggie Metz, Reporter

Ronnie Ron’s BBQ is a roadside catering and barbecue service. Located at Kenny’s Liquors on the corner of Boyette and Lithia Pinecrest, Ronnie Thomas opens his tent from Wednesday to Sunday at noon and stays open until he is sold out.  

   His menu includes chicken, ribs, pulled pork and hot sausages with an array of side options. With the first step out of the car at Ronnie Ron’s BBQ, the first thing that takes over all the senses is the rich, smoky smell; to be greeted with Thomas’ lovely smile and the sight of food on the grill is nothing next to phenomenal. 

   Thomas is an active member of the FishHawk community; he supported the Wolfpack Band’s MPA concert dinner with his barbecue and has catering options available for purchase.  

   Thomas’ previous job had a significant layoff of employees during the pandemic, including his own termination. As a result, jobs were difficult to find, and companies were not interested in hiring during the spike of COVID-19. So, Thomas began making decadent food. “I had to do what I had to do. The only thing I could think of is to put my talent to work,” Thomas says.

   He started with cooking from his home, driving deliveries, and catering around in his car. He worked with luncheons and businesses, and he began to make a name for himself in the FishHawk area. He then saved his money and purchased a pickup truck and a smoker that he could wheel around to advance his business.  

   Thomas owes his delicious food to his family. He says, “My mom taught me how to cook on the stove, my dad taught me all the skills on the BBQ grill.” His gratitude and love for his family are reflected in his excellent flavors and rich seasonings. As his company flourished, he put a personal spin on the recipes his family had passed down: Thomas’ “gold sauce” is his take on a sweet barbecue sauce, perfect for chicken. 

   Ronnie Ron’s BBQ has been selling its food in FishHawk for about a year, and Ron does not plan to halt his successful food journey. Support Thomas by following his socials, eating his food and sharing the love for his barbecue on social media. 

   His plans include the purchasing of a proper food truck. In addition, he would love to expand the menu with more of his “good eats.” His dreams include eventually opening a restaurant and developing several locations in Florida, “It’s going to take time, but just pray I get there.”