Book Review: The Inheritance Games


Arianna Hooker, Reporter

   Jennifer Lynn Barnes fans were treated with The Inheritance Games last Sept. 2020 and this young adult Mystery read is part of a currently two-book series.

   The main character of the book, Avery Kylie Grambs, has a plan to get through high school, win a scholarship to college and move on with her life. However, all of this is put on hold when she gets a multi-billion-dollar inheritance from a man she has never met. Avery must figure out why Tobias Hawthorne has left her 43 billion dollars instead of his own family. With the Hawthorne grandsons, Avery must find out why she has inherited this money with secrets filled within every wall of the Hawthorne House. Avery relies on clues from the will and the Hawthorne brothers to understand why she has been chosen.

   The Inheritance Games is a fast-paced read that has plot twists filled within every page. This is a good book to get one out of a reading slump. The characters are very well-developed and the whole storyline is very captivating. Barnes outdid herself with this mystery read, coming together beautifully and never being able to know what was going to happen next.

   The author did a wonderful job of world-building and giving us insight into what was going on inside Avery’s head. Avery’s thoughts throughout the book were very thought out and well written. It added to the book in many ways, such as the mystery aspect.   The reader is taken on a journey with Avery and feels as though you are solving the mystery alongside her, which is another thing I enjoyed about this book.

   The only piece that did not interest me about this book was the love triangle between Avery, Grayson and Jameson. I have never been a fan of love triangles in general, but this one did not seem well thought out. Although, it did add some interest to the storyline.

   Overall, I highly recommend this book and give it a nine out of ten because of the great vivid writing and strong mystery plotline. This book must be the best YA Mystery I have read all year, although, as I mentioned before, love triangles are not my thing, which gave this book a nine out of ten for m