What Florida school is best for you?

Florida State University



Skylar Gieger, Reporter

There are so many Florida colleges to choose from and so many students are left wondering which one will suit their personality the best. In this article, you will be able to pinpoint the pros and cons of each school and see how compatible they are to your personality.

   University of Florida (UF) is located in Gainesville, FL, and is currently rated number one in the state and ninth in the country. UF is a public institution, so it does accept Florida Bright Futures scholarships.

    To be considered a good candidate for application, the admissions office looks for a GPA around 4.4-4.6 and an SAT score of 1330-1470. They want to see applicants take four years of English and math, three years of science and history, as well as two years in a language class. UF’s enrollment rate is 31%.

  The campus is spread out across 2,000 acres and includes 900 buildings. They offer housing to their students via apartment, suite and traditional style residence halls.

   This school is not great for people looking for a smaller campus and class size. It also embraces the party life, so if you do not foresee yourself in that type of situation, you may want to evaluate some other Florida schools. Despite these cons, the school has amazing academics and is highly praised by future employers.

   Florida State University (FSU) is the second best rated Florida school and regularly competes with UF. FSU is located in Tallahassee, with an 80% graduation rate and a 32% acceptance rate.

   To get into FSU, the enrollment offices want to see your GPA around 4.7. The school is known for their criminal justice programs, as well as their film school.

   At FSU, freshmans are allowed to have their cars on campus. Students are also offered housing in which is dispersed across the 457 acres. Room and board costs typically end up around $11,088, with $6,680 of it going towards housing and $4,396 for dining. 

   This school may not be the best for people disturbed by party scenes. However, it is great for people who want a tight-knit community, for the campus is all walkable distances.

   University of Southern Florida (USF) is located in Tampa, Fl. It has a 49.2% acceptance rate and is best known for their engineering and marketing school.

   USF has many programs to choose from with a whopping 13 colleges. They also accept highschool AP and dual enrollment courses.

   The board and room costs typically weigh in around $12,256, with $7,878 being spent towards housing. The students are also allowed to have a car on campus, as long as they have a valid parking permit.

   The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a public institution based in Orlando. It has a 45% acceptance rate, and a 74% graduation rate.

   The popular majors at this school are mainly related to the health field, such as nursing. The campus is regional, spanning 1,415 acres. 

   The student- faculty ratio at UCF is currently 31:1. It is close to many internship opportunities due to its location, so It is great for people hoping to intern through big companies such as Disney.

   Florida has many great schools to choose from! There is a school for any personality, and any goal.