Small Business Spotlight: The PAwcuterie Shop

Servian Santos started the pawcuterie shop in 2020. She works to put a smile on both human and dog faces.

Pawcuterie Shop


Meghan Reyes, Features Editor

   After the countless exhausting months of quarantine, many people are eager to transition back into pre-COVID 19 routines. A weekly routine for Servian Santos includes setting up a booth at the Valrico Artisan Faire with her business The Pawcuterie Shop.

   The Pawcuterie Shop is a gourmet dog treat business located in Tampa, Florida. Santos is the CEO and head baker of The Pawcuterie Shop.

   “I’ve always loved hospitality and the idea of owning my own business,” said Santos, “I always knew I wanted to own my own business, I just wasn’t sure what.”

   Santos’ family immigrated from Puerto Rico to the United States when she was six years old. Santos began working as a waitress in the food and beverage industry, by the time she was 18, she had experience in the hospitality and business career fields.

“Back in 2019, I started a catering and event planning job,” said Santos, “That’s when I started to learn more about charcuterie and how to plan events.”

   Santos worked for an event planning business and found her passion for charcuterie. In 2020, Santos quit her job and founded her business, The Season Corner, where creates and sells custom charcuterie boards, boxes, cups and tables. 

   “I started doing the charcuterie boards first,” said Santos, “My mother-in-law is actually the one who gave me the idea to start selling “charcuterie” for dogs.”

   In addition to The Seasoned Corner, Santos created The Pawcuterie Shop. Earlier this year, Santos created an Etsy page. She sells homemade dog treats, similar to how she creates custom boards for humans. 

   “I started researching different dog treat recipes,” said Santos, “I played around with different doughs.”

   The Pawcuterie Shop sells a multitude of different dog treat recipes. Each treat is completely homemade and grain free, many of which contain oatmeal flour. Customers may buy treats individually or in a Pawcuterie bag or bowl.

   “It’s been quite the journey,” said Santos, “My clientele for each company is drastically different.”

      The Pawcuterie Shop is primarily a farmer’s market business. Santos participates in the Valrico and Riverview Sunday markets located outside of Chill Cawfee.

   “Every dog parent is different,” Santos said, “Some are more lenient and feed their dog whatever. Some dogs have dietary restrictions and I try to cater to that.”

   Servian Santos has dedicated her business to learning and growing. The Pawcuterie Shop as well as The Seasoned Corner are all shops that are family and dog friendly. Whether its a charcuterie board or a pawcuterie bowl, Santos works to make your family smile.