The last golden girl goes: how Betty White changed the nation


Skylar Gieger, Reporter

  Betty white was a very well-known, respectable actress and comedian who unfortunately died just weeks before turning 100 years old. Most people loved her and were sad to see her go, but her death gave them an opportunity to look at all of White’s work and her role in the acting community. 

   White was loved and very popular in the film industry, she had multiple iconic roles. She played the grandma in “The Lorax”, Elka Ostrosky in “Hot in Cleveland” and her most popular role was Rose Nylund in “The Golden Girls.” She also guest starred in “Young and Hungry” and “That 70s Show.”

   White started her acting career in 1962, when she was 40 years old, in “Advice and Consent” and would not return to acting until 36 years later. 

   The Golden Girls is a very popular comedy show about four best friends living in their “golden years” that jump through many hoops but always end up together again. As one of the main characters in this show, White’s fame sparked. Even though the show ended in 1992, White is forever remembered as a Golden Girl, and she was the last of the four girls to pass away.

   White was also very popular for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” She played Sue Ann Nivens on the sitcom that was wildly popular in the 70’s. White was a part of the making of an eye-opening show because it had a female lead that was not dependent on a man, which was very rare in that time.

   Not only was White popular in the film industry, she was also in the writing community. White has a total of nine books from autobiographies to children’s books and from audiobooks to hardcovers.

   Throughout her life, White was nominated and received many awards for her acting. For Emmy Awards, White was nominated 21 times and won five awards. She was honored once and is now in the Hall of Fame. Three of her five Emmy’s were for her two most popular shows: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Golden Girls.”

   White also received a Grammy for her audiobookIf You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t). She was the 46th person to receive a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award and she was also awarded a Teen Choice Award. White was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, but did not win any. 

   White was an exceptional actress and had many adoring fans. She will be remembered by her popular roles and as the Last Golden Girl forever.