Goodson Farms Welcomes in the Strawberry Season with Deliciously Fruity Desserts


Maggie Metz, Reporter

 Serving strawberry goodness from December to March, Goodson Farms in Wimauma, Fla., is a perfect stop for any leisurely day to celebrate strawberry season. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Sunday. The farms welcome hundreds in their doors throughout the season. 

   The farm offers large fields of strawberries to admire and take pictures of, a small supermarket filled with produce, jams and treats, and a small cafe that serves lunch and dessert items all day.

   Goodson Farms reaches peak business around 3 p.m. each day- so plan a trip accordingly. For Newsome students, an 18-minute car ride from Newsome to the farms after school would be a fun after-school experience to take a group of friends to. Also, considering the upcoming Valentine’s Day, treating a loved one with a strawberry sundae is the perfect way to express love.

   The menu includes a long list of sandwiches that include grilled cheese, a Cuban, a turkey B.L.T. and a pulled pork bun. However, the best and most enticing items are the desserts. Goodson Farms sells a plethora of strawberry treats, each being topped with a thick, decadent strawberry topping. Each item is loaded to the top with sweetened whipped cream that compliments all strawberry flavors. Goodson Farms is not shy with any ingredient on the desserts; the proportions are enormous and amazingly priced for the quality of the received product. 

   The supermarket includes a chilled fruit and veggie section, with a shelf dedicated to pickles and jams and a wall full of strawberries. The strawberry wall has half and total flats full of the ripest and juicy strawberries in the local area. The berries are available in small pints as well.

   Erin Kelly, Goodson Farms enthusiast, says, “The strawberry shortcake at Goodson Farms was delicious. The cake was soft and topped with the freshest berries. Not to mention the prices are unmatched. $5.00 for a huge bowl with the ‘works’ was unreal”.

   Goodson Farms recommends wearing masks indoors, but they do not regulate it. They provide outside seating at large picnic tables to the public- there is no indoor seating. The lines for Goodson Farms cafe have an indoor and outdoor portion that are at times crowded, so social distancing is promoted when in the queue. The food is so delicious that the line wraps fully around the Goodson Farms barn at times.

   Drop by Goodson Farms and support a small business this season; discover what makes their desserts so addicting and celebrate a festive season of strawberries with fellow Floridian enthusiasts.