Disney’s 50th Anniversary: Theme park fans everywhere will be enchanted by food, rides and nighttime spectaculars.


Maggie Metz, Reporter

   One of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire world, Walt Disney World is a classic, magical experience known to all Floridians. Although Disney welcomes their 50th anniversary in October of 2021; they are extending this celebration into an 18-month long jubilee of excellence, fun and magic: the World’s Most Magical Celebration.  

   Intricate details, planned to perfection by Disney’s Imagineers, lie along hallways, restaurants, and favorite characters in every park, hotel, and waterpark. Called their Fab 50-Collection, Disney installed 50 sculptures, painted gold, around each of the four parks. Every sculpture is from a character made by Disney itself from the last 50 years! 

   Iconic landmarks from each Disney World park- Cinderella’s Castle, the Tree of Life, the Hollywood Tower Hotel and the Epcot ball- are turning into what Disney refers to as “Beacons of Magic.” At night, the buildings will be enchanted by lights and a brand-new design utilizing colors of blue, purple and gold. What will make a gorgeous sight from anywhere in the park excites Disney fans alike to see each landmark’s fresh look. 

   Brand new nighttime shows will enchant and light up the sky starting in November 2021. Magic Kingdom welcomes “Disney Enchantment” , a firework show displayed around Cinderella’s castle. The celebration will inspire everyone to believe in the power of friendship, love, and magic. Additionally, Epcot is adding Disney’s largest nighttime show to date, Harmonious.Harmonious will wow audiences alike in the center lake in World Showcase, featuring fireworks, lights, and water features. Animal Kingdom has a daytime show that utilizes colorful kites that fly over the water arena. Driven by boats, the kites are shaped like animal Disney characters and are flown to the rhythm of the corresponding song for the character.   

   History is being observed and respected at the 50 Year Party. Magic Kingdom first opened on October 1, 1971; Magic Kingdom followed the opening of Disneyland California 16, years prior. Since the opening of the park, pressed coins have been a park favorite souvenir. Disney Parks will be offering 50th anniversary pressed coins with a unique design, only featured for a limited time. 

   Of course, Disney will be offering a new menu filled with stupendous desserts, drinks and meals. Fans have been raving over the new EARidescent Firefly Mocktail. It is refreshing that Disney is making student-friendly drinks that capture the magic and complexity of theme park food. Magic Kingdom is serving a Shimmering Blondie. It has gooey toffee, toasted coconut incorporated into the batter, salted caramel buttercream and golden flakes.  

   Disney is offering a 50th anniversary dessert party, located in Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom, on select annual passholder dates. With excellent seats to the Disney Enchantment firework show, guests will eat luxury desserts and dine with fellow Disney enthusiasts. 

   Famous Disney tiktoker Bethany Vinton (@bethanyvinton) has over 250,000 followers and crafts content over her world of Disney experiences, recipes and advice. She is taking her mother to disney for the 50th celebration and recommends making loved ones a customized gift basket. Decked with park essentials including an adorable phone case, iridescent 5oth anniversary ears, a mickey wallet, reusable straws and fuel rods for phone charging! Make a loved one feel special by bringing out some extra Disney Magic on the next trip to Walt’s playground.

   Visit the Magic Kingdom within the next 17 months! Be a part of history as Disney celebrates their excellent success of 50 years. Friends, family, and partners alike are welcomed to come to Orlando to embrace the one in a lifetime magic. Book a reservation to new restaurants, try the new food, make a special coin and look out for those golden statues! 

Jennifer Fickley-Baker