The music is coming back to life: Greta Van Fleet


Trisha Bedford, Reporter

     Special events all around the world are beginning to surface again and with that comes live music. With the strike of COVID-19, many live music events were cancelled or postponed. Luckily for the fans of the blues rock band “Greta Van Fleet,” they are going back on stage in 2022.

     The individuals who will be seeing them perform live may have to travel. This 2022 tour is going to be played in mainly northern states, with the most southern show being in West Virginia. Within this U.S. tour they are also going to be playing three shows in Great Britain.

      In order to get good tickets for this show at a “reasonable” price, fans are going to want to get their tickets now. Tickets on places like stubhub and Ticketmaster are currently going for anywhere between $48 to $8000, depending on location. 

     Many may know this band from their hit song “Highway Tune.” This song was used in many popular television shows such as “Shameless” and “Lethal Weapon.” Along with this song, a plethora of their other music has gained attention in the television industry.

      The band has been together since 2012. With its guitarist being highly skilled and playing since the age of three, it made them a highly popular band fairly quickly. Being compared regularly to the band “Led Zeppelin,” due to its sound and style of music, they have even gotten the attention of the one and only Robert Plant, who mentioned them as one of his favorite up-and-coming bands. 

      Along with the band’s unique sound comes its unique name. “Greta Van Fleet” was not something the members pulled out of thin air, but it is the name of an elder from their hometown of Frankenmuth, Mich. 

      Snagging these tickets will be a troubling experience for all, but it will certainly be worth it. Touring with two opening bands, this concert will be one for the books. There is also one special show in February where the band will be with “Metallica.” More information on show dates and ticket sales can be found at