Real thoughts on Mariah Carey’s new song: We are NOT falling in love at Christmas

Real thoughts on Mariah Carey’s new song: We are NOT falling in love at Christmas

Skylar Gieger, Reporter

   Mariah Carey released a new song called “Fall in Love at Christmas” on Nov. 5 that features both Khalid and Kirk Franklin.

  To kick off,  the song definitely has lyrics and music. There can be many words to describe this song but the best two to use are boring and repetitive. How many times can a person sing “We’re gonna fall in love at Christmastime?” Apparently, every other line is appropriate.

   Carey has been woven into Christmas through music, and she is known mostly for her Christmas songs and covers. The most popular song by Carey is “All I want for Christmas is You” and that is what many people recognize her from. 

   Most Christmas songs are cute little jingles about different Christmas stories that include fun characters and happy music. That is what was expected out of Carey’s new single, but it is not what people got. 

   When the phrase “Christmas song” is said, people think of classics like “Jingle Bells,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” All of those songs fit the lines of upbeat, happy and bring Christmas spirit. Carey’s song did not exactly live up to the expectations.

   While this song was terrible for some it was  decent  for others. Sophomore Cooper Barone says, “I honestly hated it because I know every radio station will be playing this song constantly for the next month. Overall though, it is a decent Chritams song that I know will drive me crazy by the end of the month.”

   Although the title of the song is “Fall in Love at Christmas” it was still expected to be cheery and fun. Instead, listeners got a slow, romantic vibe from the song, not like the traditional Christmas music. Now of course there is nothing wrong with the romantic songs, Carey’s just did not hit every point it should have.

   “Fall in Love at Christmas” followed the lines of a love song more than a Christmas song. It was calm and had like a slow dance and an intimate feeling about it. After a while, the song just dragged on and it was the same thing over and over again.

   This song should not be put as a Christmas song, however it does have Christmas related items mentioned and known Christmas phrases from other songs. The only way this might be listed as a Christmas song is because it says, “Fa la la,” briefly mentions sleigh bells, the northern star and jingling.

   To keep others from suffering, do not listen to this song.