Review of “The French Dispatch”

Aiden Vittoe, Reporter

 “The French Dispatch”, is Wes Anderson’s latest film that showcases a collection of short stories that are a part of a fictional magazine located in the French city, Kansas. The plot of the film features three short stories that revolve around the city which are t included in the final print of the magazine and told from the perspectives of the authors. 

   Each story is significantly different from the last and all take place in different time periods.   

   The film also features a special introduction and conclusion that fit into its theme, where it further explains why and how this has all come to be. 

     The French Dispatch is one of the best movies of the year. Anderson continues to prove that he is an unmatched director with his visions and storytelling. With each of his creations, Anderson keeps evolving, providing the viewers with more rich and interesting entertainment. 

   The shots and sets in this movie are outstanding and are very pleasant to the eye. It is a movie that makes the audience ask “How does Anderson continue to perfect his craft even more with each movie he releases?”

   Fans of Anderson can expect his usual use of special aspects that make his movies unique: sets, props, costumes and more. Audiences can also expect all of these to be enhanced as well. 

  If “The French Dispatch” and an prior movie of Anderson’s such as “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, ” were compared amongst one another, viewers would easily be able to see how much Anderson has matured as a filmmaker.  

   Characteristics such as his wide filming angles have developed so much because Anderson continues to add more details and creativity to them, which can be seen clearly in this movie. 

   One thing that stands out in this movie more than others, is its color. The film is constantly shifting from colorfulness to black and white. Sometimes it is to feature a setting/time period; other times it is to put more emphasis on a little detail such as the color of someone’s eyes. 

  More things that stand out as well would be the dialogue that is both hilarious and meaningful. In addition, the actors Bill Murray, Timothée Chalamet and Benicio Del Toro were all fabulous. 

   “The French Dispatch” has a chance at reigning supreme over all the movies released this year. 

   From the visual storytelling, funny interactions to bittersweet moments, this movie has something to offer for any member of the audience. Anderson has solidified his spot as one of the most creative directors within all of film history and continues to prove himself worthy of such a claim with each release. The film is a must-see that is sure to leave an interest in any member of the audience. Most importantly, it is a film that showcases the art of a director who continues to impress.