What makes art, Art?

Camille Denmark, Reporter

 “Mona Lisa” By Leonardo Davinci, “David Masterfully” sculpted by Michelangelo, Ludwig Beethoven’s “5th Symphony in C minor,” “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott and many of the classical pieces are other regarded as some the best works of their time and still overlap as the precedent for our time. Dec. 2019 Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan made 150,000 off a single piece at Art Basel in Miami. A banana duct-taped to a wall. Many people took to social media to drag the piece, even Gallery Director Peggey Leboeuf chimed in with remarks: “Are you kidding me? . . .This is so stupid” Another Artist David Datuna even Peeled the banana off the wall and ate it declaring himself as a “hungry artist” in an act of performance art. This left many people questioning “What is art and where do we draw the line?”. 

 The Beauty of Art is that there is no line.

   Art in its essence is an expression of human creative skill and imagination an appreciation for beauty or emotional power. So, let’s go down the line for Cattelan’s work; a constant remark from Critics is that “I could do that!” or “A toddler could paint that!” No matter how hard you try it is most likely improbable you to tape the banana in the precise spot Cattelan taped it, it’s just physically impossible; and there lies the skill and the imagination. Next is the emotion, Catalan’s work ignited a whirlwind of fury on the internet, which finishes off our checklist.
  Recently modern art has been noted as inferior to traditional art when in actuality these works will soon become classics as well many artists such as Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock were under fire for their unconventional works in their times, but pieces such as “The Weeping Woman”, “Marilyn Diptych”, and No. 5. Are all notable pieces in modern-day, the variable that has the most influence on art is time, Time allows for new genres to be developed and older ones to evolve. It also allows for an increase in value, especially after the death of the creator.
  In the words of Andy Warhol himself “Art is what you can get away with.” and it is truly the mechanism that mankind had chosen to turn dreams into reality.