Top 5 Must-See Places in Argentina


Ana Fernandez, Reporter

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America that lies directly south of Brazil and east of Chile.  

It is a dangerous destination, especially to some foreigners due to the high crime rates and also because of the ongoing political injustice and corruption occurring.

Despite its dangerous conditions, it is a gorgeous place to visit. Its capital is Buenos Aires, which is in the northern half and close to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The people there are known to be friendly and the Spanish-speaking country is known to have a musical tone to their accent. 

The first destination is “La Casa Rosada” or the Pink House in English. It stands in front of the “Playa de Mayo” (plaza of May) and is known for being all pink. Its most important purpose is as the office of the President of Argentina, but it has also become a tourist attraction. It is open to visitors and there are tour guides there who take a group around the mansion. 

On the opposite side of Argentina is well-known Patagonia. It lies in the southern region of the Andes Mountains which separate Argentina and Chile. It contains steppes, grasslands and deserts. Although it is relatively safe, it is important to be cautious when exploring because of the extreme weather and small roadways.  

Next up is “El Puerto de Madero” which is a port that lies in Buenos Aires. It features a lake in the middle with buildings surrounding both sides. This area used to be strictly a port (hence the name) but after an ongoing remodeling project, it has turned into a beautiful waterfront area with stores and restaurants lined up, side-by-side. 

The Iguazu Falls are another big destination in Argentina. These massive waterfalls border a part of Brazil and Argentina. It is the world’s largest waterfall system and it’s made up of about 275 cascades. One waterfall is specifically famous and known as “La Garganta del Diablo” meaning the throat of the devil. It is a massive circle-shaped hole that water continuously pours into. 

The final destination is “La Boca” or “the mouth” which is a popular neighborhood. It consists of people from the middle class but is known for its extremely colorful buildings and sidewalks/roads. It’s also a destination for many soccer fans because it is the home of the Junior team Boca, a soccer club. 

They have a fun, night-based culture, delicious traditional foods such as Dulce De Leche and traditional games like a card game called Truco. Despite its dangerous aspects, Argentina is an exciting and lovely place to visit.