Why the education system needs to change and how it can.

Aiden Vittoe, Reporter

Students’ futures are being harmed due to unnecessary classes and knowledge.



   School has always been an important aspect of everyone’s life during some point of it. It is designed to teach valuable knowledge to developing minds of the subject, but what if the topic being taught isn’t as valuable to the student as it is perceived to be? Every person needs to be taught the important portions of classes such as Math, Science and English, but the extent to which it is taught needs to be cut off for the sake of students who do not need it.

   Not every person wants to go into a field related to Math or Science yet throughout their high school career they are still forced to take complicated classes related to the subjects to graduate. These classes that are no use to them can damage their GPA and make it harder for them to do what they want in life. Someone who wants to be a journalist might have trouble getting into their dream college for their major due to the classes they did not need in which they messed up on. 

   A system needs to be developed for things related to this, where students can start taking classes in high school that are beneficial to what they want to do instead of English 4 or Trigonometry. In this system, students need to take basic classes for math, science and more, but after that, it should be their decision on whether they would like to pursue the path of taking more advanced portions of those classes.

   There should also be a wider variety of classes to take in general. Courses that will teach you about the way life works, such as a subject on taxes. Classes on how to pay bills, how to buy a house, how to save money and more. More areas of Psychology so we can have a better understanding of our mind and how to control emotions. These classes could really help developing adults and prepare them for the hard world they must live in. 

   While it would take a lot of effort to change the way things are and establish something like this, it can and should be done. Currently students are still forced to take classes that they do not care about, which is hurting them educationally and mentally. This system could help so many students everywhere prepare for life and what they want to do with it, and most likely they would agree. Until then, students are stuck with taking these classes that have no use to them, wasting their valuable time on knowledge they might never need.