Small Business Spotlight: Neena’s Macarons

Neena Lamb began Neena’s Macarons in October 2020. She plans to open a storefront in the near future.

Meghan Reyes


Meghan Reyes, Reporter

   Following the COVID-19 quarantine, many people have found themselves with an amplified sweet tooth. Many people may find themselves ordering Krispy Kreme or picking up Cold Stone Creamery more often than not. 

   Neena Lamb began making macarons as a hobby in 2016. Lamb began selling her macarons in farmer’s markets in October of 2020.

  “The first time I had a macaron, it was delicious but expensive,” Lamb said, “After I began making them, I found out why they are so expensive.”

   Lamb’s macarons are priced depending on the quantity of the order. Standard orders come in six-piece packaging and 12 piece packaging and range from $12 to $22. Neena’s Macarons also does custom orders with macarons by the dozen. These special orders range from $24 to $96 dollars, depending on the quantity.

   “When you start sharing them with friends and family and they say you need to sell these, you go and do it,” Lamb said.

   Lamb and her family had originally planned to open Neena’s Macarons to the public in February 2020. Lamb had planned to quit her normal job and pursue baking full time, due to COVID-19 that plan was put on hold. In October 2020, Nenna’s Macarons was finally introduced to the farmer’s market scene. Neena’s Macarons are available for in-person purchase at the Valrico and Riverview Artisan Fairs, hosted by Chill Cawfee.

   “It’s funny,” Lamb said, “We will take everyday things and try to make them into macarons. I’ll be walking down the grocery store aisles and think ‘I can make this into a macaron’ and tinker.”

   Neena’s Macarons are known for their creative and every day inspired flavors. Flavors are categorized as Nostalgic, Fruit, Classic and Seasonal flavors. Nostalgic flavors are inspired by candy bars, cereals and snacks from childhood. Fruit flavors are inspired by everyday fruit and fruit-flavored items. Classic flavors are inspired by many well-known flavors such as vanilla. Seasonal flavors are temporarily available and are inspired by the flavors of that specific season.

   “The goal is to open a storefront one day,” Lamb said, “We hope to have a safe place where you can come and enjoy yourself.”

   Neena Lamb hopes to expand to other markets and open up a storefront. Lamb hopes to create a safe space where customers can relax and share their passion for baking.