The Paytas Factor

Trisha Paytas has displayed anti-Semitic behavior on social media. She has yet to address her actions.

Jason Nash


Meghan Reyes, Reporter

   Social media is perhaps the largest cesspool for negativity. In recent months, a surge of anti-Semitic media has appeared on many social media platforms. 

   Anti-semitism is hostility or extreme prejudice directed towards the Jewish community. Social media personality, Trish Paytas, has acted as a catalyst for the rush of anti-Semitic comments and behavior on popular social media platforms. 

   “I don’t see a problem with me using the word Jew,” Paytas says in an episode of her podcast, Frenemies.

   The word Jew used as an adjective has become a derogatory statement among the Jewish community. When pointed out, she became defensive about her use of the word and claims her fiancé, Moses Hacmon, gave her permission to use the term. Hacmon is an Israeli Jew. She continued to refer to him as an “expert jew” throughout the rest of the video. 

   “I get hate comments on my videos sometimes,” Paytas said, “It’s just the American Jews who get mad. They aren’t even real Jews. I’m like ‘Ok calm down, you’re from Ventura California, you don’t know the struggle.’”

   Paytas’ co-host Ethan Klien brought to her attention that her actions towards the Jewish community may be seen as cultural appropriation. Klein was born in Ventura California, however, he is Jewish. 

   Paytas began to insult Klein’s ancestral heritage by comparing his ancestral heritage with Hacmon’s. Paytas continues to ignore American Jews’ statements about her behavior, claiming that she loves Hebrew culture. 

   “It’s not fetishizing, it’s a preference,” Paytas said, “If I prefer to date Jewish guys, it’s not fetishizing that culture.”

   Paytas has posted numerous videos since the beginning of Hanukkah of 2020, one of which captioned “Tell me you are dating a foreigner, without telling me you are dating a foreigner,” which refers to her fiancé Hacmon. 

   Paytas claims that although her actions may be viewed as cultural appropriation, she means it as cultural appreciation. She also claims that multiple Jewish influencers have reached out to say they appreciate the exposure of their culture. 

   “I am not Jewish,” says Paytas on a Twitter post, “but I am pretending to be to attract a nice Jewish boy.”

   Paytas has made many anti-Semitic comments over the past few months. According to her Tik Tok, she has made an effort to convert to Judaism, although has made countless posts on various social media platforms with conflicting actions.