The Strawberry Craze at Goodson Farms

The center of the picture shows a Cuban sandwich and the contents. The Cuban sandwich is one of the lunch items offered at Goodson Farms.

The Observer News


Ana Fernandez, Reporter

   Many people are heading to Goodson Farms, a popular market in Plant City that opens up every strawberry season to sell fresh strawberry goods. 

   Goodson Farms is a locally renowned, five-star strawberry market that is in Wimauma, Plant City. It was established in 1979 and opens in Dec. as the cold weather is best for strawberries, until March or April, depending on the temperatures every year. 

   Some were worried that they would not open this year due to COVID-19 but on Dec. 23 the Goodson Farms Facebook page announced the opening date would be Dec. 30, or New Year’s Day. They also announced new opening hours for this year which are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

   The market is a red barn-style building surrounded by outdoor tables and seating for customers to sit and talk while they enjoy their food. 

   Goodson Farms is very well-known for their vast number of creative menu items, which mostly all contain strawberries. The market’s popularity is due to the menu which offers both sweet and salty options.

   One of their sweet and famous menu items is called “The Works” which is a shortcake with whipped cream, strawberry and ice cream. Another famous menu item is their strawberry pizza. They also offer strawberry milkshakes, cake and strawberry sundaes. 

   In the salty food category, the lunch menu has a variety of meals. Amongst these menu items, one of the most popular ones is the delicious Cuban sandwich. However, they also offer other foods like hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and sausages. They also offer a simple bowl of chopped berries to munch on as a side. 

   On top of selling menu items, Goodson Farms is also known for their strawberry market where they sell big boxes of their strawberries to take home and enjoy. 

   The freshly picked strawberries are amazing especially in colder winter seasons because the strawberries grow larger and sweeter. 

   Buying from local businesses is also a great way to support the local community. As large companies tend to attract more sales, smaller companies are getting less and less customers, so shopping local is a good way to help the area around you.  

   Some people like strawberries for their taste or others for their amazing health benefits, either way, make sure to check out Goodson Farms and try their strawberry goods this season!