“Beetlejuice” Haunted House Opens as Surprise for Halloween Weekend at Universal Studios

Visitors waiting outside the “Beetlejuice” house until it is their turn to go in. The art on the outside of the haunt are what the pictures showed, which were released a few days before access to the maze was allowed.

Aiden Vittoe


Aiden Vittoe, Reporter

   Last weekend through October 31 and November 1,, Universal Studios in Orlando opened up the highly rumored “Beetlejuice” house as a surprise for Halloween. The house was open to all guests on Saturday and Sunday, along with Universal’s other two-day time haunts, “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” and “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy”

   With no official announcements from Universal, the house opened up as soon as the park did, early Saturday morning. To access the house, visitors of the park had to use the park’s virtual que to hopefully get a spot in line for the house, which was not an easy task. 

   The description of the haunt, through the Universal app, explained that the house would only be open for the weekend, and then would shut down. This caused many more people to come into the park, attempting to get a run through of the house. Due to the amount of people trying to get in, it made it extremely difficult to get a spot in the virtual que.

   Besides the tedious way to get into “Beetlejuice”, fans seemed to really enjoy the house, praising Universal for opening up the highly anticipated maze, through social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

   The reason for the anticipation was because of all the subtle hints that gave fans the idea that the movie would be coming to life. Universal’s Halloween tribute store featured three uniquely themed rooms filled with merchandise of all sorts. When the tribute store first opened, it only came with two rooms. Eventually the third room was opened on a later date, featuring a “Beetlejuice” theme.

   Iconic scenes from the movie were featured in the room, such as Beetlejuice’s grave, surrounded by the fake grass and other antiques. It also had the snake version of Beetlejuice on the stairway from the scene in the movie.

   The opening of this room led to the speculation of the house maybe opening for guests as another daytime maze. This was confirmed once pictures were released a few days before its opening depicting the outside of the haunt. 

   Then the house opened, and surprised guests with a great maze that represented the movie to the best capabilities, all while also undergoing safety procedures for COVID-19. The house remained open for the next two days, and then closed the doors Saturday evening. 

   Though “Beetlejuice” was only released to the public for such a short period of time, it is rumored to return for next year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Including nine other unique haunted houses that Universal believes will make year thirty, one to remember.