‘Among Us’: The Game of 2020

The promotion art of ‘Among Us’ features a look on the quirky art style and design of the characters and storyline. This art came out in 2018, and announced InnerSloth’s new game that was influenced by the popular mafia-game.


Emily Khor, Layout/News Editor

The popular multiplayer game that is dominating the industry and catching the attention of millions of people of all ages is “Among Us”.

    “Among Us” is a space-located game, where the players are split into two kinds of characters attempting to win for their team. ‘Crewmates’ make up the majority of the lobby and have ‘tasks’ to complete that are spread all over the three different maps. Players can be assigned as “Imposters” who attempt to kill the other players while deceiving the rest of the lobby, the number of how many can be at a maximum of three with ten players total.  They also can sabotage time-sensitive areas, ‘kill lights’ to reduce vision for other players, and use vents scattered around in order to travel around the map. 

   Bodies of dead crewmates can be reported to call all members to a meeting, or players can push an “emergency button”, located in the middle of the map. When a meeting is called, players discuss through a chatroom and choose to vote out other players. A majority is needed in order to eject a player into a lava pit or the dark void of space, and skipping is an option as well.

   Each map varies in theme and location in space and has an interactive area specific for ‘cameras’ that point to certain parts of the map, a vitals check that sees players’ lifeline, and even a log that keeps track of which player passes certain sensors.

   The game offers three different servers: North America, Europe or Asia. This allows an even greater opportunity for players to interact with a varied lobby. Players can join public ones or use a specialized code to join private lobbies.

   Players can customize many aspects of gameplay, making each round a unique experience. Speed, visibility distance, number of imposters as previously mentioned, the map played and even whether or not the game will confirm if the person voted out was actually an Imposter. 

   The alien-astronaut (the actual species of these characters are debated on social media and game-streaming platforms) avatars have twelve color options, with hats that update seasonally.

   The most recent update for Halloween offered spooky-themed hats and decorations across the maps to celebrate the holiday.

   Players can help support the developers if they wish to pay small in-game fees for access to exclusive hats, clothes and pets that will follow the avatar around.

   Currently, the game is free on all mobile devices but on PC there is a price of five dollars. 

   InnerSloth is a team of three American men who also developed ‘The Henry Stickman’ games, originally released ‘Among Us’ in 2018 and it was not until this year that the game gained traction and popularity. This is mostly thanks to Twitch streamers who consistently played it, exposing their audience and millions of others, until it became the most streamed game on the platform for 2020. ‘Among Us’ and ‘Minecraft’ remain the two most influential games seen by the media and the public, according to Twitch and Youtube statistics.

   Many can not even go a day without hearing about the game, a round that was played or a gameplay.

   One wonders why this game has become so famous and how it became so popular with almost everyone these days having knowledge of its existence. The lying and psychological manipulation from ‘Imposters’ and trying to convince the others in the lobby of their innocence, or attempting to blame it on another might be seen as a negative. However, this element of the game is one of its appeals of the mafia-inspired game.

   Rica Guiang, a senior at Newsome, answered that she “enjoys a really good stranger-bonding game.” The ability to play with complete strangers can lead to many interesting relationships and allying. The countless interactions lead to a unique experience every round.

   Guiang believes that “The art style is really cute.” The customization, design and animation are immersive characteristics that add to the value and draw of the game. “The pressure that everyone is playing it,” is also a factor that attracts her.

   When asked what she thought stood out to her the most about this game in particular, Guiang answered that “it really is that the entire game is interacting with other people”. As previously mentioned, this is thanks to the many servers and lobbies the game offers at once.

   Aisha Yumor, a senior, had a less philosophical answer and stated that she enjoys “Hats. Hats and my children,” whose names are Jacob and Tim and are a part of her avatar’s skin. 

   “The foolishness and debauchery” of the game is one of the main qualities that Yumor thinks differentiates ‘Among Us’ from the other ages-nine-and-up games available to download. 

   ‘Among Us’ allows players in the same room or as far as across the globe to come together and tell socially-acceptable lies to one another and work together in order to work towards their goal as ‘Imposter’ or ‘Crewmate’. It and the developers succeed in its goal of being an original and entertainment game to pass time and build relationships. 

   This game has effectively claimed the title as this year’s number one game, and it is well earned. ‘Among Us’ deserves all the recognition and appreciation it is receiving from the masses, and many owe thanks to this game for offering such unique and innovative entertainment in a day where original content is scarce to be found.